Tickets are now limited and not available on the door, this is pre-paid event only

Our Sponsors


We need you!

Also, we are recruiting associate sponsors interested in supporting the event, so please get in touch here if you want to be involved (CONTACT US), we are particularly keen to hear from you if you are interested in filling any of the following slots:

  • A headline sponsor
  • A luxury/premium car partner
  • A wealth management partner
  • A telecoms partner
  • A lead generation software partner
  • A goody bag sponsor
  • Lanyard sponsor
  • Print sponsor (for brochures etc)
  • Associate sponsors to join Portsmouth City Council and University of Portsmouth

Please note, that the above will involve making a financial contribution, so a budget is required, don’t be shy!

There are other smaller scale opportunities, so please e-mail us here and tell us what you would like to offer us: